Provide better customer service experience and reduce costs by 80% with AI.
A platform for building AI-assistants for automation of frontline services.
With Lia, business will never miss a call or a text message.
Optimize Customer Service

Solves up to 80% of queries.
Customer loyalty grows up to 89%.
Boost your Sales
Assist onboarding new customers, capturing and nurturing more leads.
Increases sales by 36%.
Reduce customer effort
Boost your CSAT using sophisticated AI to deflect customer inquiries.
Reduces costs on the personnel up to 76%.
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Start working faster today.
Getting started is easy, and free.
Step 1
Create from templates
Choose a template and start in 10 seconds. Simple and powerful UI for building Virtual assistants.
Step 3
Build once, deploy to multiple channels. Easily integrate popular platforms. Out of box Facebook messenger, Whatsapp,
Phone and Voice assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant) integration.
Step 2
Upload your history
Customers ask a lot of questions during the conversation. Train assistant easily.
Start working faster today.
Getting started is easy, and free.
Drag and drop
Visually design, and quickly iterate your conversational flow using UI of the future.
Contextual NLU Engine
Work with deep NLU tech without having to deal with all the complexity and code.
Slot filling
Require user input and extract data from conversations using AI.
Trigger an action
Make it smart using Cloud Code or Webhook integrations.
Complex scenarios
Create humanlike assistance for your customers.
Pre-trained templates
Save your time by creating a project from ready-made templates.
Write conversations, not code.
You focus on creating incredible conversations, let Lia take care of the rest.
Add an unlimited power to your business
Unlimited AI assistants
No sessions limit
All features available
Premium support
Custom SLA
Custom invoicing
Custom pricing
Pro $199
Add more functionality to your business
3 AI assistants
Unlimited channels
10K sessions limit
Dynamic data (Snippets)
Complex Entities
All functionality is available
Free $0
Get your business up and running
1 AI assistant
1 channel integration
500 sessions / m